2016/2017 Season

Calendar 2016-2017
The 17th-Century German Trombone (die alte Posaune) September 25
Ye Sacred Muses: Consort Songs by William Byrd October 16
Sacred Arias for Voice, Trombone and Organ November 27
Baroque Music for Fortepiano and Five-String Cello January 15
Les Grâces: Virtuosic Music by French Composers February 26
Easter Week in Naples April 9
Marcello: Music for Men’s Voices April 30

2015/2016 Season

Calendar 2015-2016
Metaphor and Mystery in Bach’s Cantatas
Chaos in life and refuge in faith
October 18
Back-to-Back Bach
Works for violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord
November 15
Sunday in the Café with Johann
Suites and concertos by Bach and Telemann
January 24
Music of Pleasure and Desire
Ensemble Primo Seicento
Saturday March 5
Sanguine and Melancholic
Affective eighteenth-century trio sonatas
April 24
Schubertiade II
Lieder for guitar and soprano
May 15

2014/2015 Season

Calendar 2014-2015
Musical Portraits
Programmatic Works for Large and Small Ensembles
September 28, 3 PM
@ United Lutheran
Ensemble Primo Seicento October 26, 3 PM
@ Central Lutheran
Philip Engdahl and Margret Gries – Voice and Fortepiano
November 23, 3 PM
@ United Lutheran
Dueling Violins!
Jannie Wei and Wyatt True – Repertoire for Two Violins
January 18, 3 PM
@ United Lutheran
Guitar in the Age of Beethoven
James Edwards and David Rogers on Historic Guitars
February 8, 3 PM
@ United Lutheran
Bach per cembalo solo…
Dr. Margret Gries Showcases Works for Solo Harpsichord
March 15, 3 PM
@ United Lutheran
Music at the Concert Spirituel
Featuring Kim Pineda, Traverso
April 19, 3 PM
@ United Lutheran
Universal Harmony and Representation
Final Concert of the Season – Music for Baroque Orchestra
May 10, 3 PM
@ United Lutheran

2013/2014 Season

Calendar 2013-2014
Night at the London Opera
Handel vs. Bononcini
October 27
Retreat into the Inner World
Schubert and the vanguard of nineteenth-century music
November 24
Angry Women!
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
January 26
Bach Reconstructed
Michael Sand leads the band in never-before-heard works
February 23
The Nascent Violin
Exploring the development of early violin repertoire
March 16
Laura Wayte & David Rogers
Music for voice and lute
May 18

2012/2013 Season

During the 2012/2013 season, the Oregon Bach Collegium presented a variety of works ranging from solo performances on violin and lute to large ensemble pieces. The breadth of our performances ranged from the medieval era through the galant and classical styles.

  • 11/11 Ensemble Primo Seicento presented works for cornetto, violin, sackbut, dulcian, organ, and voice from 16th century Italy
  • 12/02 Medieval specialists Audeamus presented songs from pilgrimage traditions
  • 01/20 Michael Sand lead the band in large ensemble works of the Italian High Baroque
  • 02/24 David Rogers performed lute and guitar music with fortepiano
  • 03/10 & 03/17 Cellist Ralph Stricker-Chapman performed all six of Bach’s cello suites over two concerts
  • 04/14 Wyatt True and Margret Gries presented a concert of works for solo violin with harpsichord
  • 05/12 Michael Sand returned to lead our ensemble in large works by Biber and his Austrian contemporaries

2011/2012 Season

  • 11/06 Duo Lutes and Duo Voices (United Lutheran)
  • 01/15 Est-ce Mars? Est-ce l’Amour?
  • 02/26 Boccherini for 2-3-4-5-6
  • 03/11 Evening at Zimmerman’s: Bach Cantata 51 and Harpsichord Concerto
  • 04/15 Francis Drake in Java
  • 05/13 Handel at Home

2010/2011 Season

  • 08/13 The Dawn of the Baroque (Central Lutheran)
  • 09/12 The Art of the Cornetto, the Art of Song (First United Methodist)
  • 01/09 One-Day Workshop: Music, the Food of Love (United Lutheran)
  • 02/13 Prodigal Sons (United Lutheran)
  • 03/23 The Art of the Cornetto, the Art of Song (The Old Church, Portland)
  • 03/27 Vivaldi for Chamber, Chapel and Theater (United Lutheran)
  • 04/16 Alto Ego (United Lutheran)

2009/2010 Season

  • 09/27 Tune thy Music to thy Heart (Church of the Resurrection)
  • 10/18 Haydn the Entertainer (Church of the Resurrection)
  • 11/22 Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day (First United Methodist)
  • 01/09 One-Day Workshop: The Triumph of Peace (United Lutheran)

2008/2009 Season

  • 10/08 Dangerous Liaisons: French Baroque Music and Dance (Wildish Theater, Springfield)
  • 11/21 Italians Abroad: 17th Century Virtuoso Music for the Violin (United Lutheran)
  • 11/22 Music from the Patrick O’Brian Novels (Episcopal Church of the Resurrection)
  • 12/11 A Very Victorian Christmas (Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House)
  • 01/11 One-Day Workshop: To Drive the Cold Winter Away (United Lutheran)